China Fair April 2017

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What’s Greg up to now?  I’m on my annual pilgrimage to China to checkout what’s new in the motorcycle world.  This

really is a seething mass of coughing and spluttering humanity.  There are people from every corner of the globe here.

If you’ve got to cough, just cough BUT for heavens sake don’t cover your mouth.  Need to let one rip, go for it…nobody

even turns a hair, this is just “crop dusting heaven”.  It’s not all bad and occasionally you even find something new.

  The latest and greatest “Bikes of China” are there for all to view.  I came across a few absolute doozies that I just

have to share with you.


Introducing the “New 2017 A.J.S”…



Now here’s something I’m really excited about.  Three new KTM’ colours,

new styles, new everything...I know, I know, you just can’t wait, your only human! 

Dig the square headlight and at last a cruiser come chopper come verything you ever dreamed of…



The unofficial, well not here in China, it’s the official “Ace Cafe London” cafe cruiser chopper…



And for you creative types...What do you get when you cross a Yamaha and a Kawasaki? 

I did ask why not a “Sakiyama” but got blank stare back!  Never mind Neville 10 points for trying.



One more bit of creative naming.  Yes, “Bring me the Horizon”.  I think something got

lost in the transation and it should read “BLING me the horizon”.  You can’t win them all!!!



This HAS to be the coolest bike at the show.  How bad is that!?!?!?!

  Why no Faux crocodile skin seat you may still my beating heart!!!!



And last but by no means least.  Please someone tell me it’s coming to Lismore!!!  I believe it’s name is “Fripper”...



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