Compass Expeditions Reunion Ride

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As one of the sponsors of the Compass Expeditions Reunion Ride we put up one of our Bikerz Chairs as a prize in the photo competition.  That’s the winning photo, what a great shot AND can you believe it…taken with a phone.  Yes, that’s Daryl Groves the competition winner.  The shot was awarded the win because it’s “honest and poignant and tells a really nice story that reinforces what adventure motorcycling is all about”.  We think so to, congratuations Compass Expeditions and Daryl Groves.

1 Comment(s)

Daryl Groves:
06/04/2017, 02:56:25 PM

A huge thanks to Rocky Creek Designs for sponsoring the Compass Expeditions photo comp. Was very surprised to win considering some of the exotic locations people have been. Looking forward to putting the Bikerz Chair to good use after long days in the saddle.

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