Vic Falls To Cape Town - Day 5

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Day 5


Lesotho to Himeville.  This has been the BEST day riding I have ever had.  The mornings ride before the fuel stop was superb, up and down dale, beautiful cambered corners and just breath taking scenery.  Fuel stop involved buying fuel from roadside vendors selling fuel in old cooking oil bottles.  The locals had a sit on the bikes photos were taken with their phones (yes they have phones but no money for food!!!!).  Great fun had by all.  The ride after that was on dirt THE BEST dirt roads I have ever ridden on.  I stopped for one photo after another.  I got to the stage where I said “That’s it, this is the last photo”, round the next corner and I was repeating myself!  Just fantastic riding on really well surfaced dirt roads, onto snow sections, mud sections and then onto the tar for just the most unbelievable sweepers with fast straight sections.  The Chinese have gotten in here and built some amazing roads in exchange for mining rights and such.  Lunch at the top of the iconic Sanni pass.  Mist moved in, started raining and visibility dropped to 10 meters.  Passport stamped in Lesotho then down the pass.  Tight turns on dirt, raining, thunder, lightening and more than a little puckering.  SA border at the bottom then on to our accommodation at Moorecroft Manor, beer cold and a welcoming fire.  Everyone turned up for dinner in their room dressing  gowns very funny, not so much for the other guests!  Really looking forward to the rest of the trip.  John and Sue at Motoaventures you’ve done it again!!!!
















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