Vic Falls To Cape Town - Day 7

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Day 7


Tiffendall to Hogs Back.   Toast and tea for breakfast to settle the stomach, looking forward to the days ride, although the plunge down the hill could be a little worrying because of the steep sections.  Actually had a great ride down.  Steep sections were no problem (was not feeling the best on the way up and probably a little fatigued), the dirt at the bottom was just amazing…what a way to start the day, very invigorating.  Stopped for tea and muffins in a little town.  Another great dirt section through the most beautiful country.  Lots of goat, sheep and cattle in the surrounding paddocks.  No reason for anyone to starve in this country, there’s an abundance of hooved food.  Fueled mid morning with a samosa and Vetkook (SA delicacy).  Lunch in King Williams town.  Had the bikes GUARDED by Nelson Zuma and his mates, their way of making a little pocket money.  Not sure what would have happened if we passed on the offer of security!!!  Straight ride on tar and then 30km of dirt to Hogs back.  Su arranged a visit to a guy with vintage bikes, but most of us where too buggered to go but I heard the guy had an amazing collection.  Next time I’ll make the effort because I’m a bit of a fan of the old stuff (bikes that is).  Accommodation, as we have all come to expect from Motoaventures, is great.  Roaring fire going in the bar and a great restaurant.  Roast lamb for dinner which was superb AND a lovely piece of pork and crackling.  Another great days riding with Motoaventures.











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