Vic Falls To Cape Town - Day 9 & 10

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Day 9 & 10



Addo to Knysna.  As a side note, I am posting this from my hotel room in Hong Kong on my way to our China factory to discuss a new product.  Coincidently my flight out of Sydney was delayed to give typhoon Pakhar time to pass through Hong Kong.  On this days ride we had rain, rain and more rain and the occasional wind gust, not the best weather for riding.  Guess which route I took? On a Motoaventures tour you do get route options.  Straight down the N2 with one of the other riders, Martin.  Even so the garden route is very pretty, incredibly colorful shrubs and bushes along the side of the road.  It was wet and cold, my BMW dry suit works brilliantly, not a drop of rain came through.  Stopped in Jeffrey’s Bay for a hot chocolate and toasty, filled up and then road straight through to Knysna, got to the hotel just before 2pm.  Dinner was fun, tomorrow is a rest day, time to chill and do some shopping.  Laundry in, hopefully will be back by afternoon.










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