Vic Falls To Cape Town - Day 11

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Day 11


Knysna to Gondwana.  Really nice ride through beautiful country.  Gondawana resort is outstanding.  Superb lunch followed by a game drive and sundowners on a ridge.  Our driver followed the “Fuk-R-we-bird” for a while, I was just so relaxed and having such a wonderful holiday I really didn’t give a damn and actually find  moments like that, add to the experience.  On the game drive bumped into a HUGE Lion who was snoozing just 100 meters off the road we had ridden in on!!!  Mind you we followed the game warden in and she had a BFG so we were quite safe.  On the way back to the lodge in the dark bumped into a lioness, passed within 5 meters of the car.  Interestingly when someone asked how many rhino they had on the reserve we were told they are not allowed to say…evidently very valuable information for the poachers.  I am not a big game park person but if I was to return to a game reserve this would be the one, it is just outstanding.  Excellent dinner in good company.  Saw a bat eared Jackal on the walk back to the room.  I really wish we had spent an extra day here…maybe next time!!!!















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