Vic Falls to Cape Town - Day 14

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Day 14


Hermanus to Cape Town.  Last day of the ride.  Very Sad it’s coming to an end.  Janice and I visited my aunt and uncle who have a holiday home in Hermanus.  Sadly uncle Mike has the big C, however despite his tragic circumstances he and wife Janet remains positive and in excellent humour,  what inspiring people.  Evidently we missed out on a bit of Lion and Cheetah petting, not really my thing anyway and I wouldn’t have missed out on catching up with Mike and Janet for the world.  The ride into CapeTown is stunning, beautiful twisty road, sea on one side, mountains on the other, just stunning.  Dropped Janice at the hotel then dropped off the bike.  Meet up with a couple of my comrades for a celebratory beer.  Trips done…bummer!! 

This was an amazing trip, a trip of a lifetime.  I have attempted to put into words what I experienced.  When I read back over my diary I keep reading the words, epic, amazing, beautiful, brilliant, incredible, stunning  which it was and more.  Do yourself a favour, book a trip NOW, you won’t regret it.  By the way we are going back in 2019 for a THIRD helping, as are many of our friends from this trip.  That says it all!












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