MotoPressor Jump Starter

MotoPressor Jump Starter

What happens when you get back to your bike, kit up, turn the key, press the starter and…nothing!  If you carry jumper leads you may be alright BUT a mini jump starter kit is a much smarter option.

There has been nothing in the past designed and built specifically for motorcyclist.  Jumper starters were heavy, bulky and definitely not portable, especially on a motorcycle.  Well, all that has changed!  This little lithium jump starter is pocket-sized, light and packs a real punch and will easily tuck into a tank bag, top box or pannier.  Our mini jump starter comes with a recharging plug suitable for both BMW (merit) sockets and normal car type accessory sockets.

Can this little jump starter really start a motorcycle?  The answer is most definitely YES and it will do it over and over again.  We tested this jump starter on a bike with a dead flat battery.  We consistently got 15+ starts out of the jump starter and this is connecting the jump starter through a dead battery.

What else can you do with our jump starter?  Our jump starter carries a USB port and 1 into 4 5V/2.1A USB accessory cable that can plug in many different devices including Apple, Samsung, HTC, Nokia, Motorola, and Sony phones, Ipads, Gps etc.  It also has an LED flash light with 3 modes, illumination, strobe or SOS.

This mini jump starter has short circuit protection, overcharge protection and discharge protection.

Don’t let yourself be stranded with a flat battery.  Pop a mini jump starter in your bag.


Size:                               130*68*24mm

Weight:                         282g

Battery Capacity:       9000mAh

Output:                         5V/2A and 12V Jump Start

Input:                            12V/1A and 5V/1A

Full Charge Time:       approximately 3 hours

Starting Current:        200A

Peak Current:              400A

Operating Temp:        -20°C to 60°C

Life cycles:                   >1000

Certifications:            CE, FCC, Rohs

Warranty:                    1-Year limited warranty

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