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PA 001 SAE to USB Charger

Charge your phone or electronic device whilst you ride. Has the same fitting as most trickle charger..


PA 002 SAE to Female Lighter Adaptor

Got an electronic device like a spot light with a male lighter attachment? Want to run it off your b..


PA 004 Hella to SAE Adaptor

Got an accessory socket on your bike and want to connect a device with an SAE fitting like a MotoPre..


PA 006 SAE Battery Lead 60cm

These heavy-duty SAE battery leads (18 gauge wire) can handle 15 amps of current. Use this cable to ..


PA 007 Dual Port USB Charger 2A

Convert your accessory outlet to a dual port USB charger and power outlet. The adapter provides a to..


PA 009 EC5 to SAE Accessory Cable

This connector will enable you to run accessories like the MotoPressor Pocket Pump, off a Mini Jump ..


PA 010 SAE to 3mm charger plug

SAE to 3mm charger plug.   This lead enables you to charge accessories with a 3mm input socket like ..


PA 011 EC5 battery lead

Batteries on some bikes like the 2015 BMW R1200GS LC are not easily accessible.  In the case of the ..


PA012 Dual Port USB Power Adapter and Voltmeter with Merit Plug

This adapter will fit any 12V merit power socket.  The two USB power ports offer 5V/2.1 Amp per sock..