MotoPressor Jump Pump

MotoPressor Jump Pump

What’s a Jump Pump?  Well it’s a combination Jump Starter, Tyre Inflator, phone charger and torch.  Now you can jump start your bike, inflate your tyres, recharge your phone and create light from a single unit.  So how does it work?

OK, you get back to your bike, kit up, turn the key, press the starter …nothing!  You need power.  Plug the Jumper leads into the Jump Pump and connect the other end of the leads to your battery terminals.  Slide the Jump Starter ON/OFF switch to the ON position and press your bike’s starter…vroooommm your bike will roar to life!  The Jump Pump will start a motorcycle approximately 20 times with a single FULL charge.

Need air in your tyres?  No problem.  First thing you’ll need to do is screw the air hose into the Jump Pump.  Next screw the chuck into the valve stem on your tyre, slide the ON/OFF switch to ON and press the compressor ON/OFF switch ON.  Keep an eye on the pressure gauge and once the desired pressure is reached, switch OFF.  The pump will pump a 170/60R16 tyre to 40psi in around 3min 55sec.  By the way, if for whatever reason the Li-ion battery is flat, you can power the inflator from our motorcycle battery using the supplied cables.

Finished your ride, time to call in (well some of us have to!) only problem is phone’s flat.  Not a problem.  Plug the phone charger cable into the 5V USB outlet, select the appropriate connector for your phone and plug it in.  The Jump Pump will identify the attached device and supply the appropriate current.  The Jump Pump will charge a phone about 5 times (tests done on an Iphone 6 1810mAh) and will take around 2 hours to fully charge your phone.

Picture this.  You’re caught out on the road with a dead battery, flat tyre, flat phone and would you believe it, its pitch black.  You have two choices: one, haul out the tissues (sold separately) and have a good cry or two, haul out your Jump Pump, slide the ON/OFF switch to ON and turn on the the torch you have light!!  Now use the tyre inflator to fill your tyres, the jump starter to start your bike and plug your phone and give it a good charge.  ALL this from the one device!  AMAZING!

If left idle, the battery will last between 4 to 6 months. HOWEVER we suggest recharging your Jump Pump every 3 months.  You can charge it from a 240V wall socket or off your motorcycle battery.  All the necessary cables are supplied with the kit.

When you add up the cost of buying a pump, a jump starter, a phone charger and a torch, the Jump Pump represents excellent value.  You end up with one piece of kit instead of four, less to pack and less weight.  The unit in the case with all wires, weighs 1.78 kg and the case measures 25 x 17 x 8.2 cm.



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